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“Golf is a game of inches." said Ben Hogan,
Mainly, that 6-inch space between the ears.”

I’ve noticed some golfers take their backswing.
They pause the swing and look up at their hands.

There are two things on can learn from this action:
First, one can learn how many hands he has;
Second, one can learn he has them above his head.

Prov 16:23
The heart of the wise teacheth his mouth,
and addeth learning to his lips.

LIGHT from the WORD.
As in golf, we should live life using disciplinary thought!
Disciplinary thought procedures come from the “heart” of man,
or from his spirit!

God says that we too often are “... conceiving and uttering
from the heart words of falsehood.”
(See Is. 59:13)

God also says, "....those things which proceed out of the
mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.”

(See Matt. 15:18)

And, God tells us our "heart" should TEACH our mouth!

Christians, when wrong things come from the mouth,
character is defiled,
and, witness is devalued.

Let’s just face it.
Sometimes our “heart” is set on pleasing SELF more than God!
That’s when we allow our lips to speak wrong things!

Use discipline from the "heart"!
Determine to speak right things with your lips.

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce