A very miserly man attended church.
He put a quarter in the offering plate.

Walking home, he was caught in a rainstorm.
He fell off the path and slid into a hollow log.
At least he was dry there, so he just rested awhile.

The continued rain made the log swell, and the man became STUCK!
He began to think about his relationship with the Lord.

Soon, he was reminded of his miserly gift in the offering.
That made him feel so small, he slipped out of the log and walked drenched to his house.


Prov 10:22
The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.


This is almost an exclamatory burst of praise in the middle of proverbial truths.
In itself it is also a proverbial truth.

How WONDERFUL to know the "blessing of the Lord!"
It makes a person RICH in spiritual worth (which is the most important "bottom line").

There is no sorrow in the riches of knowing God and His blessings.

All the riches of the world, have an adverse affect, for they add some sorrow.
All the possessions in the world demand carekeeping.
And, all those possessions have depreciating value.

However, knowing God, has only a positive affect!
He brings joy!
God blesses us with love, forgiveness, and acceptance.
The knowledge of His closeness brings peace and comfort.
And, He promises to keep our souls to and through eternity!
Even if we aren't monetarily rich, we feel rich through the knowledge of God!

What a wonderful proverbial truth!
Get to know God more each day by study of His Word.
There you will find "The blessing of the Lord" which makes you spiritually rich!

Love ya!