The lady was visiting her physician because she had been feeling weak lately.

He said, "I have 4 pills for you. Take the red pill with a full glass of water before breakfast. Take the blue pill with a full glass of water before lunch. Take the green pill with a full glass of water before dinner. And take the pink pill with a full glass of water before bed time."

She asked, "What exactly is my problem, doctor?"

He said, "You're not drinking enough water!"

Ps 84:11-12
11 For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.
12 O LORD of hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in thee.

Sometimes we Christians need to have more of the "washing of water by the Word" of God!

We are truly "blessed" to have trust founded in our God!
He will never "withhold" His gracious gifts from those who surrender to Him.

God's nature is to GIVE!
His grace caused Him to give His Son that we might be saved!
Though we were lowly sinners, undeserving of His love, God's grace held out, in an open hand, the gift of eternal life through surrender to Christ.
This is the grace of God by Christ.
He gives grace to lost sinners because they need it.

Once Christ is received, saved sinners continue to receive grace through Him!

He gives grace sufficient for our needs, abundant and overflowing.
He gives grace satisfying to our souls, constantly applied in love.
He gives grace to saved sinners because they also need it!

Sickness comes, but grace is sufficient to bear it.
Difficult times happen, but grace overshadows them and makes them endurable.
Death will happen (unless Jesus comes first).
But even then, at the close of the darkness of our eyes, His grace will shine eternal Light, and lead us into eternity!

Grace is bestowed by our giving God, and so is "glory!"
We have the "glory" of being because He created us.
We have the "glory" of adoption into His family by Jesus Christ.
We have the "glory" of being servants to the Most Holy God.

And, yes, we HAVE the "glory" of eternity!
It is signed, sealed and delivered in the blessed Name of Jesus!

Praise God, the Giver of "grace" and "glory"!!

Love ya!