“[To have Faith in Christ] means, of course, trying to do all that He says.
There would be no sense in saying you trusted a person if you would not take his advice.
Thus if you have really handed yourself over to Him, it must follow that you are trying to obey Him.
But trying in a new way, a less worried way.
Not doing these things in order to be saved, but because He has begun to save you already.
Not hoping to get to Heaven as a reward for your actions, but inevitably wanting to act in a certain way because a first faint gleam of Heaven is already inside you.”
― C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

Zech 3:1
And he shewed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the LORD,
and Satan standing at his right hand to resist him.

Joshua was “standing.”
He was standing for the purpose of performing ministry to the Lord.

Joshua was standing “before the Angel of the Lord.”
He was standing before the One and ONLY Mediator to God: Christ, Messiah.
There is only one acceptable way to present any ministry to God; and, that is through Jesus.

Joshua was standing to minister in obedience even though he was being resisted by Satan!
Obedience is not about marching mundanely to the music;
Obedience is about overcoming obstacles to perform an appropriately ordered task.

My Christian friend, WHERE are you standing?
You stand before our Lord and Savior, Jesus.
HE ALONE has cleansed your filthy garments.
HE orders the performance of our ministry.
And, only through HIM is anything we do acceptable in the sight of God.

Let us then be obedient to His call.
Let us be willing to overcome resistance.

In ministry for our Lord, success is not measured by the reaching of goals;
it is measured by our obedience.

Love ya!