((Thanks to my friend Ben Avery for the following joke.))

She went to the grocery store to buy some things for her family.
Later, someone saw her in the parking lot, sitting in her car.
The doors were locked, windows up; and she was holding the back of her head.
Finally, she responded to one lady:
"I've been shot....and I'm holding my brains!"

The lady called 911 immediately!
The paramedics broke open the doors, and found an odd thing.

A can of biscuits had exploded from the back seat, and dough had hit her in the head.
She was holding the dough, thinking it was her brains!

Later, it was found that she was a democrat, and an Obama supporter.
((Of course, that may be irrelevant!))


Ps 126:3
The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.


How do you react, Christian, when someone asks, "How're you doing?"

So often, we tend to look on the DARK side of things.
We tend to mourn our circumstances rather than to joy in our salvation.
We will describe our conflicts and afflictions, but fail to praise God for deliverance.
We will mourn our adversities and scarcely give God praise for the grace that helps us escape.

The previously stated mentality keeps us in a depressed state, and gives no glory to what God has done and is doing in our lives!

Instead of focusing on what is happening to us in the world,
let us focus on what God has done and is doing in us.

By His grace, given us eternal salvation through faith in Christ;
Promised His eternal presence in our every moment of life;
Given us His Word which assures us of eternal glory after this short life.
He IS:
Keeping us alive for THIS moment;
And THAT assures us of an opportunity to share Jesus with others.

Soooo...... "How're you doing?"
"Better than I deserve!
Jesus has saved me!
In every difficulty I face, He gives me grace to work through it!
And, one day, by His blessed love, He'll take me to heaven for eternity!"

Love ya,