A blind man exited a cab and was attempting to enter a hotel.
Tap, tap, tap went his cane as he sought to find his way.

The doorman at the hotel walked over to the blind man.
He said, "Sir, may I show you the way?"

The blind man folded his cane, and linked arms with the doorman.
Now his trust was no longer based on a cane of unsurety, but
was based on the care and concern of a person.

Ps 73:24
Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel,
and afterward receive me to glory.

In this Psalm, David admitted to wrong thinking.
In his observance of humanity, he wondered WHY the wicked prospered.
(vs 12)

But then, he went into the "sanctuary of God." (vs 17)
There, he "understood ... their END!" (vs 17)
The END of the wicked is eternal hell! (vss 18-19)

When we place our trust on the "cane" of worldly thought,
we become confused as to our purpose.
Our purpose is to please God Who created us!

Two things David learned from this experience.
1) "Thou shalt guide me with Thy council."
God will if you will!
If you will fold up the cane of unsurety and become linked
arm-in-arm with God's Word, He will guide you properly.
God's Word is the sure arm of a caring Friend!
Read it; memorize it; learn it; act upon it.

2) "And afterward receive me to glory!"
Here are two rewards to continual Bible study.
(There are many more.)
The first is right thinking.
The second is eternal glory!
Being linked arm-in-arm with God's Word assures us of safe
passage to His glorious Heaven!

LEARN the Bible so you can THINK Biblical.
Lean on the arm of the Caring Person of Christ!

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce