You are driving down the road.
Suddenly your heart begins racing.
Your attention span increases tremendously.
A little sweat pops out on your forehead.
Your hands begin to tremble slightly.

That's because you just glanced in the rearview mirror and saw
a cop car behind you with his lights on!

Ps 68:28
Thy God hath commanded thy strength:
strengthen, O God, that which thou hast wrought for us.

These are indeed troublesome times!

However, for the saved, God has "commanded thy strength."
He who has saved us will also preserve us.
It is His strength that keeps us unto the final day of salvation, ready
to be revealed at the last day (See 1Peter 1:5).

Faith is "..that which God has wrought for us."
He has not only wrought it FOR us but also IN us.
It is by grace we have received faith;
and by grace we are strengthened in it.

The lamp, which never went out in the Old Testament tabernacle,
is the symbol of Christ.
His light of grace, pouring out faith, never ceases.
We must go to Him daily in prayer to be filled with His faith.

We often forget that the ole devil, the world, and even ourselves
weaken our faith.
And we need strengthening in that faith every day.
We are "foolish virgins" if we do not go to Christ every day in prayer
and ask Him to fill us with the oil of faith.

It is through fellowship, communion with Him that we are strengthened.

When you are "down," let your heart pour out to God in confession
of your weakness.
He will strengthen "..that which God has wrought for us."

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce