Sometimes it's good to remember things of the past.
They seem to encourage us in the present.

In American History class, I always had trouble remembering facts for test questions.
Once there was a fill-in-the-blank question on a test.
It said, "The Constitution of the United States was written chiefly by _________?"

The name just wouldn't come up in my mind.
So I wrote in "candle light."

Bless Mrs. LeFevre's heart!
She wrote "innovative" on my paper, and gave me 1/2 credit!

Ps 103:2
Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:

When life becomes difficult, it is good to remember and reflect upon all the "benefits" God has given us.

When I was unlovable, God loved me.
His Holy Word convicted me, but He heard my cry and gave mercy.

I was filthy with sin, but He forgave me.
I was enslaved to sinfulness, and He ransomed me from slavery with His own blood.

He wrote my name in His "Book of Life," never to be removed! (Revelation 3:5)
He adopted me and gave me the honor of being called one of the "sons of God"!
(John 1:12, 1John 3:1)

When I was ignorant to faith, He helped me study the Bible and learn.
He gave me a mission in life as an "ambassador" to the world. (2Corinthians 5:17-21)

I lost my way, but He turned me back into His paths of righteousness.
Depression engulfed me, but His grace was always sufficient for my need.

Difficulties sometimes suppress my soul, but His presence gives me peace.
Despair clouds sometimes cover my heart, but He gives me hope.

When these wonderful memories flood my heart,
I "bless the Lord" with praise and thanksgiving!

Today, my Christian friend, remember and reflect upon God's "benefits!"
They will inspire your heart, and bring praises to your lips!

Love ya!