Former heavyweight boxing champion writes in his book "God in My Corner":

In 1974, before I went to Africa to fight Muhammad Ali, a friend gave me a Bible to take along on my trip.
He said, “George, keep this with you for good luck.” I believed the Bible was just a shepherd’s handbook,
probably because the only verse I knew was “the Lord is my shepherd.”
But I was always looking for luck, so I carried that Bible with me.
I had lucky pennies and good luck charms, so now I added the “lucky” Bible to my collection of superstitious items.

After I lost the fight, I threw the Bible away.
I never even opened it.
I thought, The Bible didn’t help me win, so why do I need it?
I thought I’d get power simply from owning it; I didn’t realize that I needed to read it and believe what it says.

Since then, I’ve come to understand that the Bible is my road map, not my good luck charm.
(George Foreman, God in My Corner, Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2007, p.91)

2 Tim 2:15
Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,
rightly dividing the word of truth.

Once we come to know Jesus as our Lord, the Bible becomes our "road map."
It is the guide for making decisions in life.

The Bible is not an ornament with which to decorate a prominent place in the house.
Neither is it a showpiece to carry under our arm to church.

The Bible is God's love letter to us; written to direct us through life.

The word "Study" is from the Greek spoudazo, meaning to be in earnest, diligent, or making an honest effort.
If we genuinely surrender to Christ as Lord, we will be dedicated to Bible study!

If you see a person with a Bible that is "falling apart" from usage, that person's life is NOT!

A carpenter must learn the proper usage of his tools.
So must a Christian learn this most valuable tool -- the Bible.

Then, the studious Christian will be able to "rightly divide the Word of truth."
He/she will be able to make a straight cut in life by living conscientiously according to the principles in God's Word.

Designate an hour or more in your daily life to "Study" the Word of God.

Love ya!