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Once there was a miner named Joe.
He spent his life going down in the mine in the morning,
and coming out of the mine in the evening.

One day, he swung his pick and it caught fast in
the mine floor.
He struggled to pull that pick out of the rocky ground.

When he finally got it out, a heavy stream of water
drenched him.
His friends told him it must be the fountain of youth;
because he looked ten years younger!

But Joe asked, "Why didn't it make me 25 years younger?"

One of his friends said, "Well it was miner miracle!"


LIGHT from the WORD.

Those who have trusted in Jesus have found a "fountain of life"
that causes them to rejoice in the eternal salvation that God
gives to repentant sinners.

God is merciful and kind!
He is ALWAYS trying to bring people into His salvation!

Sometimes, we cannot obtain comfort from experiences or
human counsel.
In those times, we need to see REAL “light.”
We need genuine comprehension about
“the Fountain of life!”

Jesus is that “Fountain!”

Perhaps the difficulty we face is ordained to draw us
closer to Him.
Perhaps our emptiness within indicates our need of
His “Fountain of life” to fill our cups!

Let us THIRST for the "Fountain of life"!!!
THEN, we shall see "light!!

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce