Last week The Shepherd Song (Psalm 23) was really on my
mind and heart.

So this week bear with me while we study verse by verse
this beautiful song.

Psalm 23:1
1 A Psalm of David.
The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.

Light from the Word.

First, look at the inscription, "A Psalm of David."
This song is a song written by a shepherd about THE SHEPHERD.
David actually was a shepherd TWICE in his life.
He was a shepherd of sheep before the Lord called him to be the
shepherd (king) of Israel.

David KNEW about SHEEP!
My friend, sheep are stinking, dumb animals.
They have no better sense than to "wander off" seeking grass.
They are in NEED of a shepherd to keep them in the right pasture.

Sheep also have a very bad problem.
If they fall over on their back, they canít get back up.
They'll lay right there and die unless someone comes to pick them up.

Sheep are also afraid of running water.
Sheep have many problems, but there is ONE good thing about them:
They are truly devoted to their shepherd, and will not follow another!

We humans can learn a lot about ourselves by studying sheep.
David had studied sheep while he cared for them.
He knew the similarities between sheep and people.

Second, look at that first verse.
This is a song of COMMITMENT.
David is saying that the LORD (Jehovah) IS his Shepherd.
He has committed his life into the hands of the Lord,
and will not follow another!

Third, this song is about the CARE of the Shepherd.
Because David has committed his life into the hands of God,
he will NOT WANT for anything.
God provides all he NEEDS.

Often, we humans of the 21st century, define NEEDS in a peculiar way.
We think we NEED the comforts of riches and popularity, etc.
But our real needs are SPIRITUAL in nature - not physical.

Of course, we DO need physical things in order to exist;
but they are really very few.
All we really need is a roof over our heads, food to eat and water to drink.
We can physically be very fit with just those basic needs.

But what most people don't grasp in this world today is that our
GREATEST need is salvation from our sinfulness.

And the ONLY way to receive that is by COMMITMENT to
our Lord (and Shepherd) Jesus.

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce