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MANY people want to SERVE Jesus.
They want to serve Him in an ADVISORY capacity!

Matt 12:30
He that is not with me is against me;
and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.

LIGHT from the WORD.
A few years ago, Ian Woosnam was at the pinnacle of
his golf career.
He was also approaching the age when this could be
his last opportunity to win a major golf tournament.

Ian was leading the tournament on the last day of the
British Open.
He had just birdied the first hole, and was teeing up
to drive on the second.

He turned to his caddy, expecting to receive his driver.
The caddy said, "You're gonna go ballistic."
Ian asked why, and the caddy said, "There are TWO
drivers in the bag!"
Ian knew what that meant.
Each player is allowed only 14 clubs in the bag.

If there were TWO drivers in the bag, he had FIFTEEN clubs.
Now, he would have to call a two-stroke penalty on himself!

That incident soured Ian's day, and he lost the tournament.

Many folk wondered if he would fire his caddy.
And, most folk would say, "But the caddy didn't DO anything."
That was just the point!
He DIDN'T do what he SHOULD HAVE done!

"With," in our text verse, Matt. 12:30, is metah
in the Greek.
It is an ACTIVE and PRIMARY preposition.
It means to ACCOMPANY!

You might be interested to know that Ian Woosnam
did NOT fire his caddy!

Jesus knows our hearts!
He KNOWS when we are not active WITH Him!

But He will FORGIVE when we REPENT.

Being sorry for sin will clean the mud (sin) off some.
But REPENTANCE will take you out of the mud hole!!

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce