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One little boy called home the 2nd day of camp.

"Mom! PLEASE bring FOOD! These folk only feed
breakfast, lunch and supper!"

Ps 34:8
O taste and see that the LORD is good:
blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

LIGHT from the WORD.

Like the little boy at camp, we Christians want MORE of Jesus!
That's very interesting.
Because in Scripture, all FIVE our our senses are used
to describe knowing MORE of Jesus!

"So then faith cometh by hearing,
and hearing by the word of God."
(Rom 10:17)
It is when we hear the Word of God that we are:
convicted of sin, convinced of a Savior,
and called to make a commitment.

"Look unto me, and be ye saved..." (Isaiah 45:22)
When we look to Christ we are not only saved from eternal
consequences, but we are also saved by daily applying
His truths to our lives.

"All thy garments smell of myrrh, and aloes, and cassia,
out of the ivory palaces, whereby they have made thee glad."

(Ps 45:8)
The preciousness of God is noted by His fragrance of beauty,
and His closeness is sought after in our souls.

"...touched the hem of his garment: For she said within herself,
If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole."
(Matt 9:20-21)

When we reach out to touch Christ, that is when we are filled
with the mercies that He has prepared for us.

"O taste and see that the LORD is good..."
(Psalm 34:8)
By taste, Christ is made the food of our souls.
We receive Him into ourselves and this brings true enjoyment
and satisfaction to life.

Use ALL your senses to realize the purity,
wonder and majesty of our God!
Then you will be "blessed" -- blissfully happy
in your relationship with Him!

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce