Once, it was my great privilege to lead a man who was 65 years of age to Jesus. He was baptized the next week. Immediately after the baptism, he said, "Bro. Bruce, I have an aunt that is 84. She has never surrendered to Jesus, and I'd like to go and talk to her about it. But I think you should go with me."

I told him I would, and one night the next week we went to see his aunt.
Before we went, he had asked for a little "training session."
I had given him a little piece of paper to put in the back of his Bible.
On that paper were all the Scriptures he might use, and some statements leading into each Scripture.

I cautioned him to first talk to his aunt about the family, life, and how she was doing. Then, to gradually work the conversation into Christ.

We had been there a few moments, sharing about their family, when the man said, "Ya know Aunt ...., lately I've been thinking a lot about the hereafter."

She said, "Oh, Honey, I do that all the time. I find myself in the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, wondering 'now what am I here after'."


Rom 14:8
For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord's.


When we have surrendered to Christ, we are genuinely saved.
Our names are already written in "the book of life."
We are washed in His blood; sealed in His Holy Spirit.

So, when we are saved, why doesn't God immediately bring us on up to His home?
If we have received all that is required for our citizenship in glory, why are we left here to suffer?
Why are we still on the battlefield if the war has been won?
I mean, "what are we HERE AFTER?"

The answer is: "we live unto the Lord!"
We are to live WITH Him and FOR Him!
His "passion" becomes our passion!

Jesus' "passion" was to:
bring the lost to salvation;
to educate the saved; so they might bring other lost people to salvation;
and, while doing these - minister to the needy.

We might well ask ourselves, "What part of my life makes people desire what I have?"
THAT'S what we are "here after!"

Love ya,