When I was a boy, I had to do what my father wanted.
Then I "moved on."
Later, I had to do what my children wanted.
Then I "moved on."
Now, I have to do what my grandchildren want.
When will I get to do what I want?
Probably when I "move on!"

Genesis 10:32
These are the families of the sons of Noah, after their generations, in their nations:
and by these were the nations divided in the earth after the flood.

Genesis 10:32 kinda "sums up" the whole chapter.
Noah's sons: Japheth, Ham, and Shem, moved away with their families.
Later, their children, and their grandchildren moved farther and farther away.

Japheth's children became known as "Gentiles" (See Gen. 10:2-5).
They traveled toward the West and North giving birth to the European and Germanic people (See Gen. 10:3).
"Magog" is considered by most to have given birth to the Scythian and Russian peoples.

Ham's descendants went South into Africa and West along the Mediterranean coast of Africa. “Canaan,” however, stopped short of Africa.
"Canaan" was to become Shem's "servant" (See Gen. 10:25-26).
His descendants actually developed the land that Abraham's people would later inhabit.

Shem's descendants basically remained in the Mesopotamian region.
Notice that "Eber" was one of Shem's descendants (See Gen. 10:24).
This was the beginning of the Hebrews.
It was Shem's descendants, through "Eber," that were chosen of God to carry the gospel of, and give birth to Messiah.

In each of Noah's sons, God planned the habitations of the earth.
Each son had a purpose and a place in God's plan.

When did they accomplish God's plan for their lives?
When they "moved on" according to God's plan.

When will YOU accomplish God's plan for your life?
When you "move on" according to God's plan!

Are you "moving on?"
Are you growing in relationship, fellowship, and knowledge with God?

While you are "moving on," TELL OTHERS about Jesus!

Love ya,