Columbia Heights Baptist Church had a lunch celebrating the birthday our pastor, Bro. James Prince, Sunday.

Ann and I were sitting with him and Sherry, his wife.
Bro. James asked how much would a person be worth, if they were worth their weight in gold.

Neither Ann nor I could quite do the math in our heads at that time.
However, if a person really were "worth his weight in gold," then a 200lb man would be worth about $3.9 million! (200lbsX16ozX$1245=$3,984,000)

As it is though, if a person could sell his body for the chemicals in it (potassium, sodium, iron, etc), he'd be worth about


Matt 10:31
Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows. KJV


The kingdom of God is for people who have value because of their LIFE,
not because of their WORTH!

Max Lucado tells an interesting story related to this.
He says there is a sweater in his closet that is far too small for him.
It isn't WORTH anything, because he can't wear it.
But, he has KEPT the sweater for many years.
The reason? His mother knitted that sweater for him!
The sweater is not kept for its worth, but because of LOVE!

Some things are valued because they ARE,
and because of LOVE for them!

You are a creation of God!
You are valuable because of God's LOVE for you!

You are worth the blood of Jesus!
You are worth the mercy of God for forgiveness!
You are worth the grace of God to sustain you!
You are worth God's attention when you pray!

You are worth all of that, simply because of His LOVE for you!

Love ya,