((A note from Bro. Bruce.
When I first heard Jennifer's testimony I was reminded of how God DRAWS us to Him. I was also reminded of how POWERFULLY God's Holy Spirit works in our lives.))


Unlike many Christians, I cannot remember the date, time or events of things that were going on around me when I gave my life to Christ. But, the one thing I do remember very well is the conviction the Holy Spirit laid upon me. You see, when I realized that I was dying and going to hell -- it was as if I woke up and reality set in. First, it was a knowing. Second, it was an awareness around me.

The Holy Spirit allowed me to feel darkness, loneliness, fear, panic and gloom. I was sooo fearful that I would have someone stay up with me and keep me awake. I knew that if I went to sleep and died, I would be in hell.

The daytime seemed a little easier -- maybe 'cause there were more distractions. But, at night, the turmoil would continue. This went on for approximately 3 nights and 4 days. Until the Lord sent a total stranger into my life and she helped me to understand what was going on with me and what steps I needed to take.

I made those steps to Christ, and gave my life to Him. I thank God for sending the Holy Spirit and that stranger, my best friend to this day. After I had made the decision to trust in Christ, it no longer was a conviction of salvation, but a conviction of some things in my life that I needed to change. You see, I knew that with the decision to live for Christ -- there were some things in my life I needed to change to reflect that decision.

By the grace of God, those things were changed. As I continue to live for Christ -- I try to always stay tuned to His Spirit. When the Spirit convicts me of something, I know I had better take heed and listen. I know that God sought me because He loves me, and to Him I am important.

The Holy Spirit is very real and I know that I have experienced His awesome power. I know that because of the strong conviction placed on me, I will never forget God's power and love to draw me to Him. I will never forget that time in my life.

I've come to know that if you are under conviction, you better heed the Lord. Your decision is the most important one you will ever make. Now that I'm saved, I still experience conviction over things in my life. I am reminded that He is still working on me and molding me into who He wants me to be.

In conclusion, if you're under conviction about something, whether large or small, take heed and set it right. I often thought that I would not wish the kind of conviction that I went through upon anyone, but I rejoice that He brought me to Him. REJOICE!! HIS WORD WILL NOT RETURN VOID!!

In His Spirit,
Jennifer Donalies